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k i m m y c a t - M E M O R I E S

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My god this really needed to be changed.

Anyways I'm Kathleen and...


Hang on I know theres something...

I LOVE Fullmetal Alchemist! I swear, if
I could, I would own FMA! But I can't so I'll have to obsess over it instead.

Full Metal Alchemist is Love

I have no life and am proud of it. i probably never will. Neither will(vitani92), who goes to my crappy all girls high-school where everyone including the teachers are on some kind of drug.

For the most part if you add me I'll add you back...

Unless your some crazy rapist or that kid that lives next door and his creepy friends.

ALSO: The layout I have was done by ME. If you want to use any part of it PLEASE ask first!

I Know Who I'm Voting For.

How many FMA fans does it take to screw in a lightbulb?

15. Three to attempt to transmute it with fangirl!alchemy powers, one to argue that lightbulbs did not exist in FMA's time period, 3 to ponder whether the lightbulb's breaking is an analogy for World War II, 4 to insist that the light bulb came from the other side of the gate, one to yell at everyone for spoiling him because he didn't know the lightbulb broke, one to suggest that the lightbulb is a homunculus, one to declare that the light bulb is really Envy in disguise, and one write a Lightbulb!EnvyxEd crackfic.

(the bold is me XD)

Made by hork13bajir5

Alphonse as Edward is Obsessive Love.

AIR is Winged Love

Misuzu is Naive Love

Bosco is sex love

Angsty!Ed is Love

Ed is evil Love

Paku Romi x Kugimiya Rie is Elricest Love

U2 is love
U2 is love

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