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1~ Please for the love of GOD do NOT TyPe LiK dIs!
2~ Be willing to accept that I may have different veiws than you but it does not make either of us wrong.
3~ Have a certain tollerance level for my love of anime.
4~ Is your journal memes only? Goodbye.

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Laugh - kimmycat

The 5 stages of wanting to kill yourself cause of exams.

Woah I got LOTS (like 6? I am a sad sad being) of comments on my last RANDOM entry. Comments = happiness ^_^ so thank you all.

I have a feeling that the 5 stages of death/greif can be applied to my situation in a way that is sadly true and yet amuses those who have the time to read my LJ ^_^

So without further ado.

kimmycat presents:
The 5 Stages of Exams and ISU's

1. Denial
Exams aren't in less than a week! What are you talking about? I thought we agreed you would stop with the crack.

In this stage many students are far too upset to grasp the reality that yes, exams are in fact upon them. This stage involves much procrastination and denial that exams are really coming. Students would rather believe that exams are still ways away so they turn to denial to help them get through.

2. Anger

In this stage the students become angry at the exams themselves for causing the situation and causing pain. This is probably the most amusing hardest state to watch a friend or loved one go through. Students begin threatining the exams or ISU's and tend to be seen screaming and shouting at their assignments much like the male species does when placed in front of a T.V. broadcasting sports.

3. Barganing
Maybe if I attach a $50 to my exam and/or ISU, I won't have to do it and I'll just get an A! :D

This stage involves the student thinking they can negotiate a way to change the situation. The student thinks that there has to be a way around it and that perhaps maybe if they spend weeks putting their energy into finding a way out of exams they will indeed be freed of the burden. Students have been known to delay work even longer during this stage by somehow rationalizing that if they watch just ONE more episode of something and then get to work they will have more motivation and thus get more done.

4. Depression
Ohmygod I have all this work to do and exams are coming and I've wasted all this time doing nothing and now I'm going to announce to everyone that it is time to mope and sit on the windowsill of my bathroom while contemplating possibly jumping out of it. SEMI COLON UNDERSCORE UNDERSCORE UNDERSCORE SEMI COLON

In this stage the student tends to become suddenly very emotional (also known as "emo") and slowly realize that if they hadn't been spending all that time slacking they could be like that stupid kid over there who has no worries because he is finished all of his ISU's and is ready for exams. However the student slowly realizes what a LOSER the other kid is and it leads into the final stage.

5. Acceptance

This is the stage in which students realizes that they are completley screwed and can do nothing about it whatsoever. The student manages to complete all the studying/work on their ISU's that they have been delaying for God knows how long (average time studying: 5 Hours.)

I hope that amused someone out there somewhere. Someone who doesn't find this really stupid. Someone OTHER than that kid next door who needs to learn the reason I have not left my house other than to go to school, church or out for food supplies is indeed because he will not STOP STALKING US.

I will NOT get into that. I was going to post a rant but I kinda got all my anger out when replying to Adora's most recent post and suddenly felt calm. I have suddenly reverted back to stage 1 and have a few hours before I need to be one stage 5 and START WORKING FOR GODS SAKE. I was on stage 5 last week but as soon as I finished my LAW ISU I went back to stage 1. Still there.

EDIT Nevermind. Now on stage 2.
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